An important part of any business is approaching the work in good-faith. We think that starts with an eye towards fairness, doing what is right even when it costs us something. TVRR strives for fairness as a bedrock principle of our work.


Service starts with thinking about the needs and desires of the other person. Courtesy is an expression of this golden rule, to consider others more highly than ourselves. We work to serve our clients in everything we do.


We can't always control a time-table, but we can control how well we communicate with our clients and contractors. Promptness is an expression of care for others by communicating and planning to be on time whenever possible.


You don't pay for a job that is 90% done. You pay for a complete, beautiful space that is ready to move in. We guarantee our work so if you have any problems we'll come find a solution that works for you. We issue a written 12-month warranty on all services. More importantly, we offer our name, as well as our promise that we're not happy until you are. We're always just a phone call away.


Your home isn't our workplace, it's not a construction site, it is where you live. We strive to respect your home, your property and you throughout the process, putting people ahead of profits.