Step 1

Get More Info

Start out by telling us a little about your project and how we can help you build the home you've always wanted. Whether it is a whole-house remodel or a kitchen or bath redesign, we want to help you create something that works for you .

Step 2

Have a Consultation

We'll walk through the house, talk about your ideas and problem solve ways to get where you want to go. This is an in-person meeting to establish the needs of you, the customer.

Step 3

Get a Rough Estimate

This is where we start to build a scope of work and talk about real numbers and what the kind of work we need to do will cost. See here a sample estimate that gives you an idea of the level of detail included.

We'll be able to start scheduling the work once we have a contract in place and we have a down payment for the work. This may take some time to work out details and logistics about the scope of the project and the budget. 

Step 4

Sign a Contract/

Make a Deposit

We'll communicate clearly our work schedule and start work on your project. Get ready for the home you've always wanted!

Step 5

Start Work